bates1Already a key player with more than 120 sales a month in one of the most popular segments of the market, the popularity of Opel’s cute and cuddly Opel Adam is guaranteed to grow even further with the addition of a funky Rocks model that combines the cocky character of a small cross utility vehicle with the fun of wind-in-your-hair driving.

The new Rocks version is powered by the same three-cylinder one-litre turbo engine that pushes out 85kW and 170Nm and already powers the Opel Corsa and other Adam models and provides more than enough kick, particularly with the link of a slick six-speed manual shift.

Opel says the Rocks will sip only 5km litre per 100km in the combined cycle while keeping emissions down to 115g per kilometre.

bates2Like the other members of the Adam family, the little car provides a spirited ride, good cling through the twisties (thanks to a sporty suspension set-up and grippy 18-inch rubbers) and a fairly direct, yet light steering set-up.

The Rocks is armed with ABS, EBD and ESP so the stopping power is excellent. Other safety features include ISOFIX child seat anchors and six airbags. It also has LED daytime running lights.

Convenience features include auto dimming rear-view mirror, hill start assist, rain-sensing wipers, a tyre pressure monitoring system, Advanced Park Assist and Blind Spot Alert.

bates3The cabin oozes solid German build-quality and is feature rich and pleasing on the eye with the centre-piece being a seven-inch touchscreen which enables music streaming, telephone connection and a number of pre-loaded apps all linked to a multi-function steering wheel to fast-track most of these processes.

But fancies and performance aside, the Rocks stands out as the star attraction of the range because of its mini cross-utility looks, slightly raised ride height, swing top canvas roof, protective cladding around the wheel arches and along the sills, and the front and rear skid pads that give it a bit more of a tough tyke look.

Not that the buyers of the new Rocks will be too concerned about its prowess in the dirt, just like the buyers of the growing number of vehicles in this range and even in the bigger SUV segment, they will be attracted mainly by its designer stubble beard looks rather than its off-road abilities.

bates4In these segments it is all about looks and status and the Rocks certainly dishes that up in spades, particularly with its limited edition choice of cosmetic colours (Red ‘n Roll, Saturday White Fever and Goldbuster), rich selection of cabin features, plus the pride and bragging rights it gives the owner because only 150 of the Rocks derivatives will be on sale in this country.

Besides that, if you own one of these rare Rocks, you can wave at your friends with your hand protruding from the rolled back canvas roof as you glide past them at show-off pace along the Camps Bay boulevard!

The Opel Adam Rocks wears a price tag of R273,400 which includes a five-year warranty and roadside assistance system as well as a three-year/60,000km service plan.